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This FAQ answers common questions about the ordination/ licensing application requirements and process for the Ministry Training Institute.

General MTI Questions


Q: Who should enroll?

A: MTI welcomes all who desire to grow in Christian leadership, including pastors, ministry leaders, youth leaders, professionals, innovators, volunteers, entrepreneurs, academics, humanitarians, and any individuals seeking to make a positive difference, deliver souls and captives free and spread hope through their lives and work. Anyone hungry for God is encouraged to apply.


Q: Can I get college credits for attending the Minister’s Training Institute?

A: Currently, MTI coursework does not qualify for transferable college credits. If this changes in the future, we will promptly notify all students and graduates.


Q: What are the requirements for receiving a course completion certificate?

A: Each student is required to complete the assigned homework for the course in which they enrolled.

Upon satisfactory grading, the student will be eligible for a course completion certificate.


Q: Do I get a grade for the courses?

A: Each course is evaluated on a complete/incomplete basis. If there is an area of difficulty, you are welcome to progress at your own pace until you are comfortable with your knowledge and mastery of the topic.


Q: I need an extra day for this assignment. Can I submit it tomorrow?

A: Yes, you can take some extra time if needed since the course is self-paced. Please submit the assignment as soon as you finish it. Keep in mind you won't be able to unlock the next step of the course until the current step is completed.


Q: I recently joined the minister’s training fall program, can I still be ordained during the encounter?

A: Yes, you can still be ordained during the encounter provided you complete all course assignments and apply for ordination by November 1st. If you are not able to complete the requirements by then, you will have to apply to be ordained during the next encounter. The key is finishing your coursework and submitting the ordination application on time to be eligible for ordination at the upcoming encounter.


Q: What factors should I consider when deciding between pursuing ordination or licensing? 


A: Ordination generally requires more ministry experience, while licensing is for those newer to ministry:


- Licensed Minister: For those who feel called to ministry but are new to preaching and teaching. Allows you to perform ministerial duties under supervision. Recommended for those with less than 2 years of ministry experience. 

- Ordained Minister: For those seasoned and experienced in ministry. Qualifies you to fully perform ministerial duties independently. Requires demonstrated faith maturity and leadership.


Other considerations:


- Examine the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:1-13.


- Discuss your calling with your pastor or mentor. 


- Those pursuing biblical knowledge without seeking ordination/licensing will receive a course completion certificate.


Q: Can I use my license outside the state of California or United States?


A: Yes, you can use your  license outside the state of California or United States? Contact your state/province/parish/local region for additional requirements.

Ordination/ Licensing Application Requirements


Q: What are the application requirements for ordination/licensing?

A: Students who have completed one semester of MTI are eligible to apply for a ministerial license while students who have completed two or more semesters of MTI courses are eligible to apply for the pastoral license.

Q:Do I need to submit a detailed ministry resume with my application?


A: A ministry resume is required only if you have previous ministry education, employment, or experience that is relevant to your application. Applicants without ministry experience can skip this requirement.

Q: What documents do I need to submit to show I completed the MTI course?

A:If you completed MTI training in Winter or Spring 2023, please upload the course completion transcript you received.

If you completed MTI training in a previous semester, upload an email from MTI outlining your course completion.

Q: I have not been active in a church community since before COVID-19. What can I submit instead of a letter of recommendation?


A: If you are applying for ordination, letters of recommendation are required from your current church community.

If you have not had recent church involvement, you can only apply for the ministerial license at this time.

In place of a letter, please provide a minimum of 3 character references who can speak to your abilities and qualifications.

Q: I do not have a church home outside of TNT and Revelation Church. What should I submit instead of a pastor's recommendation?


A: Since TNT and Revelation Church are your home churches, a letter of recommendation from pastors or ministers within the ministry is preferred to vouch for your qualifications. 

If this is not possible, you can submit 3 character references from individuals familiar with your abilities and moral character as an alternative.

Q: I paid for ordination through MTI in June 2022, before the new application requirements were in place. How do I indicate this?


Please upload a copy of the email confirmation or receipt showing your previous ordination payment. This will allow your application fee to be waived when reapplying under the new requirements.

Q: Where and how should I complete the 5-minute sermon required for ordination?


A: You can fulfill the ordination sermon requirement in either of these ways:


- Record a 5-minute video of yourself preaching a sermon or teaching and upload it. 

- Write out the text for a 5-minute sermon or teaching and submit it during your application.

Q: Can you provide an example of the short biography required for the application?

A: The biography should be a short paragraph summarizing your background. Here is a sample:

"Jane Smith felt called to ministry at a young age. She has served faithfully in the choir and youth ministry at her church for 5 years. Jane completed her Ministerial Training Institute courses in Spring 2023. Her heart is to spread the gospel through music and work with teens. Jane hopes to obtain her ministerial license to expand her service to the church."

** Keep your biography 3-5 sentences highlighting your qualifications and passion for ministry.

Q: Will the required criminal background check involve a hard inquiry/pull on my credit report?


A: No, the background check will not impact your credit score or require a hard credit inquiry. It checks for any previous criminal records only.

Q:Are there any scenarios where the background check can be waived or deferred?


A:The background check is a standard requirement for all applicants. However, special cases can be reviewed on an individual basis. At a minimum, 3 character references are required in lieu of a background check.

Q:What is the process for submitting my background check documents if I choose to get a background check?


A: If you opt to complete a background check, you can upload your background check documentation directly through the online application portal. Alternatively, you can mail physical copies of your completed background check documents to the following address:

Life Church

1492 Sinaloa Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93065



Be sure to include your full name when submitting your background check documents, so they can be matched up with your application

Graduation Ceremony 


Q: Who can participate in the MTI graduation ceremony?


A: All MTI students who have completed at least one semester of courses are eligible to attend the graduation ceremony. However, only those who have completed the licensing/ordination application process will receive their official ministry licenses and materials. Attending the ceremony does not automatically qualify you for licensing/ordination - the full application must be submitted and approved.

Q: When and where will the MTI graduation ceremony take place?

A: The MTI graduation ceremony will now occur on Friday, December 6, 2024, during the evening session of the Encounter Conference. Please adjust any travel plans accordingly.


Q: How can I purchase tickets for the Encounter Conference?

A: Early bird tickets can be purchased online through the conference website here:  At this time there are no discounted tickets available, but we will notify you if that changes.


Q: What if I only want to attend the graduation ceremony?


A: Graduates attending only the ceremony will receive a wristband for entry. You must depart after the conclusion of graduation unless you have also purchased a full conference ticket.


Q: Can my friends and family attend my graduation ceremony?


A: Yes, guests are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony to celebrate your accomplishment.


Q: If my guests attend the graduation, can they stay for the rest of the conference?


A: No, any guests who only attend the graduation ceremony must depart after it concludes. In order to stay for the full Encounter conference, your guests must purchase an event ticket.

Graduation-only attendees cannot remain unless they have a ticket.


Q: What should graduates wear for the ceremony?

A: Graduates should wear the tab collar clergy shirt for the graduation ceremony.


Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 5.51.12 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 5.50.44 PM.png

Q: How do I receive my license if I do not attend the graduation/ordination ceremony?

A: Eligible graduates who are unable to be present during the ceremony will have the option to have their certificates emailed to them at a fee.

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