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The Prophetess has extended grace and favor to our Building Fund Donors who have sowed 1,000 in one transaction during September 22nd-27th via the live streams. 


As a keepsake and expression of gratitude, a special salt for those who sowed towards The Building Fund will be sent to each Donor.


The Salt is free, however, you will need to cover the cost of shipping to your address. - Free local pickup at Revelation Church LA is available during Wednesday Night Services.  


NOTE : The Building Fund Salt is ONLY for those who sowed $1,000 in one transaction during livestreams between Sept 22-27. Do not pay for shipping if this doesn't apply to you!


No refunds. All shipping sales are final.


Please be sure to double-check the instructions provided, and the information you entered to ensure there are no typos. Typos will delay the shipping of your item!


Building Fund Salt for Donors- Shipping Cost

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