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The Vitalité Set


An all-star lineup featuring our full-sized signature products meticulously crafted with organic and premium ingredients, featuring the brilliance of pearl powder, for an unparalleled skincare experience.


PURL Luminous Lip Balm (10 ml) - Indulge in a blend of honey, Shea butter, and pearl, deeply moisturizing your lips from within. This unique formula promotes healthy cell regeneration while forming a protective shield against harsh external elements.


PURL Opulent Body Butter (8 oz.) - Immerse yourself in the luxurious scents of rose and lemon notes. This decadent body soufflé revitalizes and nourishes dry skin, delivering deep moisture and leaving your skin radiant and glowing.


PURL Radiance Body Oil (4 oz.) - Envelop your skin in a divine blend of beautiful floral notes and luxurious oils. Rejuvenate and awaken your skin, unveiling a new vigor and youthful radiance like never before.


Experience more than a skincare routine—immerse yourself in an elevated skincare journey that pampers, revitalizes, and reveals your most radiant self from head to toe.

The Vitalité Set

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