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Life Church Ministry Stewards Onboarding

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Do you have the heart to serve ? Life Church is looking for individuals who are consistent, committed, dedicated, follow-through, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable! You find a way to make things happen. You are the type of person who has answers and moves with speed. You discern when to do things, what to do and how to do it! You stand out and carry the following abilities in all you do. 1. Adaptability: the most important trait of successful people 2. Focus: Focus, Focus, Focus 3. Passion: Relentlessly pursue love 4. Mindset (Growth Mindset) 5. Stay Positive 6. Stay hungry 7. Grit: Work hard, endure, and never quit. 8. Flexible 9. Humble 10. Aggressive ​ Complete our Onboarding Course Today!





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