Joe Bollinger

I'm so sad that I'm going to miss this class, hosted by a friend of Keijo and mine. We'll be at a conference in CO with our family, but I thought you'd be interested in joining online via video/audio using the zoom app with your closest disciples.


 Taryn teaches a powerful, hyper-relevant scripture-saturated perspective on God's kingdom that has been a breath of fresh air for me as we've stepped into field ministry over the last year. Her application-based teaching will simultaneously equip you for the work God has for you and challenge you as she pushes her students towards the next right steps forward in their callings.


The classes I've sat in on via zoom over the past 6 months have been full of rich interactive discussion on the live video and space to ask questions using a chat feature as content is being delivered. It's been an amazing way to squeeze dynamic content into my full schedule. I hope you and your closest disciples can register and attend either individually by your smart phone or as a whole group around a laptop or projector. You won't be disappointed. 


 Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. I'd be glad to share more.


Denashia Singleton

When I met Prophet Taryn online, she completely changed my life. Before I was going to a good church, but that church did not help me change my character, attitude, and way of thinking. I knew nothing about deliverance. I happened to be on YouTube one day, my video suggestion popped up with prophet Taryn video. I watched the 1st video and immediately received deliverance. I immediately connected to her. Now my character has completely changed. I am humble like never before. I am Blessed. Thank you Ma Taryn Love you.


Jacqueline Abrams

It is such an honor to share about the goodness of the Lord on how He has blessed me through Prophetess Taryn with prophecies that she had NO WAY of knowing as well as learning in abundance under her leadership! With prophecies, she called out my brother’s name which God made her aware of him being released from prison which she was NOT aware of who he is NOR aware that 3 days later he was being released from prison after 8 years of imprisonment. She even called the name of the friend he needed to stay in close relationship with! She spoke that brother has favor of the Lord and HE IS WALKING IN IT! Doors opening from jobs, credit report is better than expected, connections of people just want to do things for him! With man it’s impossible BUT GOD all things are POSSIBLE for those who believe! So many confirmations for me!!! God showed her the new home which in reality I was seeking but slowing around about but through her God gave me the assurance. Even revealing deep private things that she had no way of knowing! Online with the global prophetic training, I logged off at one point to pray for brother who was in my home. God revealed that to her later that night and even showed how I anointed him with my oil! God is blowing my mind with His goodness! I’ve learned so much under her teachings! So many revelations! So much wisdom knowledge and understanding gained through her diligence and obedience to the Lord! May God continue to bless you, your family, and ministry in Jesus name Amen!